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Ex. 1.3. a Ex. 1.3. b Ex. 1.3. c At home Your Language Portfolio: Reading Your Language Portfolio: Writing (Formal letter) a) b) c) Your Language Portfolio (A letter of application) At home Pocket Money What is life of a teenager like ie England Five Days in the Life of Teenager during a School Holiday A. B. C. D. E.

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c) 1. The mother questioned her son if he invited his 1'riends to ihe party.
2. Nancy wondered where Alice had seen Ann.
3. My principal requested to see who was at the door.
4. Nelly was interested if her friend would join their party.
5. Val couldn't remember how many people were «onuug io the party that night,.
6. The musie teacher questioned me if I had enjoyed myself at thc concerl..
7. My teacher enquired me if I had been working hard at my English.
8. Helen wondered if I was still on friendly terms with Bob.