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Ex. 1.3. a Ex. 1.3. b Ex. 1.3. c At home Your Language Portfolio: Reading Your Language Portfolio: Writing (Formal letter) a) b) c) Your Language Portfolio (A letter of application) At home Pocket Money What is life of a teenager like ie England Five Days in the Life of Teenager during a School Holiday A. B. C. D. E.

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b) 1. Can you tell me if he lives in the same street'?
2. I haven't seen my Iriend for 5 years. I'd like to know if he has changed much.
8. My I'riend was interested in sport. Do you know what sport she takes?
4. He was good at tennis, I'm not sure if he still plays tennisy
5. I'm going to present him with a new music CD. I don'4 know whether it is in
his list of likes.
6. His second hobby was music. Can you tell me why he gave up musicy
7. I don't know much about my friend's new preferences. Please, explain how teenagers pass their free time.
8. I want to stay at my friend's place for some time. I'd like to find out where
young people like to spend their time together.