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Порадити ГДЗ у спільнотах:

Виберіть наступне рішення:

Ex. 1.3. a Ex. 1.3. b Ex. 1.3. c At home Your Language Portfolio: Reading Your Language Portfolio: Writing (Formal letter) a) b) c) Your Language Portfolio (A letter of application) At home Pocket Money What is life of a teenager like ie England Five Days in the Life of Teenager during a School Holiday A. B. C. D. E.

Розпізнання тексту ГДЗ що на зображені:

1.3. a) I. He/she asked if. I got along weH with my brothers and sisters.
2. He/she asked who I could rely on.
8. He/she asked what I did when I felt lonely and neglected.
4. He/she asked who helped me when I needed help.
5. He/she asked what family values I appreciated.
6. He/she asked who I could pour my heart out to.
7. He/she asked where I socialized with my friends.
8. He/she asked what character traits of my good friends I liked most.