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Pocket Money What is life of a teenager like ie England Five Days in the Life of Teenager during a School Holiday

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What is life of a teenager like ie England
Teenagers ln England do much the same as kids in America or other li uropean countries do. They en!op chatting to and taxiing friends on their mohiles, hanging out with their mates, listen.'ng to tbe latest mu.ic on their mpg players, shopping for the latest fashions or just watching movies on the television or at the cinema (movie house).
ln my free time I swim, go into town, text my mates, do household stuff with my mum and dad, go on the Iniernet„watch TV and play on nary Playstation encl Gamegear!
I listen to music all the timel I have a mp8 and a CD player. In Br!tain, most youths listen to punk, garage, bouse, rock, pop and RkB (such as Busted., McFly, JLo, Xtina, Beyonce, Pink, Britney, Justin Timherlake,Mis-teeq).