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Ех. 1, р. 12 Ех. 2, р 12 Ex.5, p 13 Ех. 1, р. 14 Ex. 3, p. 15 Ех. 3, р. 16 Ех. 4, р. 16 Ех. 3, р. 17 Ех. 4, р. 17 Ех. 2, р. 18 Ех. 1, р. 19 Ех. 4, р. 19 Ex. 3, p. 22 Ех. 1, р. 23 Ех. 1, р. 24 Ех. 4, р. 24 Ех. 2, р. 25 Ех. 3, р,25 р. 26 Куточок культури Ех. 1, р. 27 Ех. 2, р. 28 Ех. 3, р. 28 Ех. 4, р. 29 Ех. 5, р. 29 р. 29. Test Yourself p. 30 Reading Corner Як було створено абетку

Розпізнання тексту ГДЗ що на зображені:

Ex. 5, p. 29
A: Did you visit many places when you were on holiday?
B: Well, on the first day we were taken on a tour of the historic monuments
by our guide.
A: Oh, did you go everywhere with him?
B: No, we also went to some places ourselves.
A: How did you manage to travel to the other places?
B: We were advised to hire a car but we chose to travel on public transport
because it is much cheaper.
A: How did you know which buses and trains to catchY
B: We asked at the tourist information centre and we were given an excellent book which told us everything we needed to know.
A: So, you enjoyed it then?
B: Oh, yes. We had a really great time.